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Romantic Valentines Day 2018 Love Poems, Poetry For Him & Her To Express Your Feelings

Happy Valentines Day Love Poems & Poetry For Wife, Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend – Valentines day is the time of Romance, And the Festival of Love. If you’ve that Special person in your life then Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful Time to make your feelings known. Every Year Happy Valentine’s Day is observed on 14th of February, its the day of Love and this week also called Love week. Love is the most honest feelings in the world which comes truly from heart. Every Lovers wait for this day to express their feelings. When you love someone deeply, it is reflected in your eyes. whether you’ve recently touched by someone or you’ve fallen in Love with a person you love to be with, Valentines Day Poems are always the faithful companion. This is not necessary that we all know the art of writing. Most of us feel very tough to write a Poem or Quotes for someone. You can’t hide your feelings with your beloved ones and if you’re the person who want to send something Romantic to your partner/lover on this valentine then you don’t need to worry because you can easily grab collections of romantic valentines day poems 2018 from here. because what is more romantic than sharing the Love poem of valentines day for him/her that was written just for you. there is no better way of expressing Romance then putting touch of art to it and rhyming words musically Just to Let your Love know that he or she means the world to you and that you’re glad to be sharing your lifetime together. Valentines day Poems For Wife, Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriends are the best medium to say your romantic words or sorry to your beloved and also its definitely the best way to say that you miss him/her and best way to say that you can’t wait to be together.

February 14th or Valentines Day is the most romantic day for the couples. On that day Every Lovers go for Date, Movie and Shopping, Long Drive, On Romantic Places to spend time with each other. Remember only Red Roses, Love Valentines Day 2018 Greetings Cards, or Gifts of Valentines day and Cozy Dinner is not just all that that She Desires. Your Valentines Would also want you to Say Those Magical Words of Love. The Best Way to touch her heart is to whisper a few romantic verses in her ear. These Valentine Poems for Girlfriend/Wife are the best way to unfold & Enhance your love. Also these free Valentine love poems are sure to touch the heart of your sweetheart. The following Valentines Day love Poem & Poetry are the Valentine greeting Card Saying sure to be appreciated. Rhyming Valentines Day Poems For Him/Her are especially popular which increases your Love with your Lover or Life Partners. Choose the best Valentine’s Day Poems for Husband 2018 for your hubby. Your Husband deserves the best because he always tries to provide the best of everything for you. Your relationship is like a strong rope which is getting stronger day by day. make it even stronger with these Happy Valentine’s Day Poems for your Wife this year.

Romantic Valentines Day 2018 Love Poems, Poetry-

It’s a challenge to find Valentine’s Day love Poems 2018 that are also rhyming poems, but here’s another one. Valentine 2018  Poems verse can speak of pleasant obsession, as this romantic Valentine Greeting Card Poem does:

Romantic Valentines Day 2018 Love Poems, Poetry For Him & Her To Express Your Feelings

1). Today is the day that I mark on the calendar:

of magic, kisses and smiles.
Today is the day of dewdrops,
of heartfelt hugs and caresses.
Today is the day when the poets were inspired,
and gave us poems and poetry.
Today is the day that the great loves,
gave away chocolates and flowers.

The day when the stars dress up,
to feel the glances that touch the soul,
to walk at night, watching the moon,
to be satisfied with tender words.

The day of walking hand in hand,
to surrender to the warm hugs,
to walk together under a starry sky,
the time to say “I want you” and “I love you“.

The day we profess our love,
and surrender our body and soul to love.
Because it is expected all day,
On “Valentine’s” Day.

2). “Valentine’s Day”:

the most popular calendar date,
a celebration where they expect much,
where they gift and prove love.

Lovers draw hearts,
carving their names on trees,
words of love painted on the wall,
and drawn in the sand with their feet.

They chose February 14,
to celebrate the day of love.
They give away poems and chocolates,
They send messages or a flower.

If you are in love, celebrate the day.
You should say “I love you” with caresses,
with a song and a serenade,
with a letter or a romantic dinner.

For an “I love you” cannot miss,
with a simple gesture, a look,
a soft touch, tell her you love,
and conquer tonight.

3) Always Valentine:

I’ll always be the one who looks at you,
And sees you in a fond and loving light;
I’ll always know that you’re the one for me,
Because when we’re together, life is right.

You’ll always be my love–my hero, too,
The person I can count on constantly.
You satisfy me like no other could;
I’m ecstatic that it’s you who makes us “We.”

I’m always thankful for the day we met;
I love you, and I’m happy you are mine.
I’ll always feel this joy, this bliss, this peace,
If you’ll be my love forever, Valentine.

By Joanna Fuchs

4) To My Friend, Lover and Partner on Valentine’s Day:

On Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking of all the things you are
that make life more interesting and exciting, and blessed,
so much better in every way than it would be without you.
You’re my friend…
You support me, encourage me, bring out the best in me.
I trust you and feel completely safe with you,
so I can share with you my hopes, my dreams,
and even secrets I’ve never told anyone else.
You’ve created a refuge for me to come to
when I need to escape from the hard edges of life.
You’re my lover…
When we explore every part of each other,
touching, teasing,
creating ecstatic fever in each other,
such sweet torment–
I marvel that we can create together
such astonishing pleasure.
With you, I feel satisfied, complete,
wild and peaceful at the same time.
I’ve never felt this way with anyone else.
You’re my partner…
You let me know that whatever life hands me
I’ll have you on my side to help me.
I’m grateful for all that you give to me,
all that you do for me.
Together, we can live life to the fullest.
I’m so glad we found each other.
You’re the joy of my life,
and I’m so very happy to have you as my Valentine!

Valentines Day Poems For Wife/Girlfriend | Happy Valentines Day Poems For Her-

On Valentine’s Day, romance is usually in the air. It is the day of romance and people in love, generally like to profess their love in novel and never-before-thought ways. Poems, on the other hand, have been written since times immemorial. Here we have for you, some romantic Valentine’s Day poems for Her from here below:

Valentines Day Poems for her

1). Love is not enough-

Behind your eyes there was a mask,
Behind your back a knife.
I gave you my love and my world, but you rejected it,
“It’s not enough”, you said “I need more.”

I admit that I was afraid, thinking that the love would be born,
But love was bigger and beat me,
I fell in your arms like a brave prey,
You caressed and loved me, you respected me and wished me,
but now I think I love you and I want to keep feeling this for you,
because you are my principal blue and want you to follow me,
making me happy.

2). Let me be-

Let me be the sweet comfort of your bitter heart,
let me show you all my love.
Fear not my little princess,
full of sincere love.
Let me swim with that pure water,
it slides down the shadow of your sorrow,
taking you to an absolute spring,
filling you with great happiness.

3). Deep green-

When I am with you,
I feel as if I sink into the pupil of your green eyes.
You feel yourself rescue me because you are my shelter,
I feel that guides me to your heart,
that makes our union like warm and sweet figs,
calming me like the waters deep in the Andes.

Valentines Day Poems For Husband/Boyfriend | Happy Valentines Day Poems For Him-

The poems and love poems are usually a great way to win the person you want. This is how with Valentine’s Day approaching, you can win over your beloved by including in your letter, gift or a dedication to your loved; a poetry as a nice extra detail. Here we suggest some Valentine’s Day poems for Him that can become the special detail for this Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Poems for him

1). You are the meaning of my existence-

and the joy of my heart.
And whenever you look at me,
my soul smiles…and I am filled with emotion.
To have you by my side is the only thing I want,
a person, a thumping heart,
for me and for our love.

2). As much as the tree grows towards the sky-

has never reached by further you go,
I’ll never forget you,
you are the best thing of my life,
and for you I am happy…you do not know how much I love you,
my little heart…without you the world does not exist.

3). Oh my dear-

how many times I have dreamed,
to be by your side.
Now that the dream has came true,
a dream that both of us dreamed of,
we expected and hoped so much…
I am now with you,
and I do not regret anything,
because everything that I did,
I did it for your love.
My boyfriend,
now you’re my boyfriend…
something that both of us always wanted,
Thanks for trusting me,
I also trust you…
and you do not know how I missed you.
The days you left for travel,
the days seemed like years,
I thought something bad had happened to you,
or often thought you were dead.
My heart cried without knowing that you were good.
But now I am happy because you are here.
I love you baby.

4). You look at me, your eyes are my passion-

Smiling, I am captive to your wishes.
I’ll be your angel because you are my inspiration.
The sound of your voice is like sublime songs.
Singular God made you, divine, sweet,
loving and tender.
You are my life, my song of love,
my blue heaven, my Star.
In your arms I have no fear,
I live in your arms. Warm, love, in your eyes that are a sea of crystal, I browse,
until the end.
Melody is my song, divine magic in my dreams.
The beats in my heart,
forming my poem’s verses.


Valentine’s Day Poems for Friends-

A friend is a person with whom a friendship remains. A friendship is a loving relationship between two people, built on the basis of reciprocity and regular treatment. Core values are loyalty, friendship, love, solidarity, unconditional, sincerity and commitment. So, here to celebrate friendship today on Valentine’s Day, we have the following Valentine’s Day poems of love:

Valentines Day Poems for Friend

1). My friend:

I had the most horrible dream that it was the end of the world.

I wanted you with all my heart and therefore was too afraid that you would disappear.

My fortune I managed to save.
After the storm, there was only death and destruction around me. We looked and could not find you, screaming your name everywhere and did not receive any response.

But in the distance, I thought I saw the silhouette of another human being and ran to her. As I approached I could see it was you and I cried so much in happiness to see you. You hugged me and that was the end of the world, it failed to separate or lose our friendship. A big hug comforted us to this disaster.

2).  When you have a true friend, whatever happens:

He will never leave you alone and will always worry about you.
From the bottom of my heart,
I did not think that there was much that I wanted,
strange because now my eyes are full of tears.

I never thought,
this friendship was so big,
and now I know, my dear loyal friend.

It is that we have different ways of thinking,
but we have something in common,
we love each other,
and do not mind the rest.

As time goes by,
we will increasingly mature,
but this friendship will be retained,
as the immense sea.

My love for you,
It is as big as the universe,
strong as iron,
but so tender,
like the clouds and sky.

For me you are very special,
as you are my irreplaceable friend.
I love you and always will,
whatever happens.

It is very close,
to the end of our wandering youth.
Now therefore comes,
more responsibilities than before.

In no time,
everyone take different paths.
But what I’m sure of,
Is that my heart is,
And always will be
With my best friend.

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