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Valentines Day 2018 Week List, Date, Schedule, TimeTable, Facts, History & Origin

Happy Valentines day is the time when we express our love in front of our life partner/lover. Every year on 14th February Valentines day is celebrated across the world. Valentines day does’t mean that they would be only a boyfriend or girlfriend but the person who is more important then any other in your life is your valentine. This is the festival to express romantic love through giving cards, gifts, flowers, letters. Valentines day is the time to celebrate the spirit of love. Happy Valentines Day or “Valentines Day” is also known as “Saint Valentines Day” or the Feast of Saint Valentine.

History & Origin of Valentines Day-

The most popular theory about happy valentines day’s Origin is that Emperor Claudius II didn’t want Roman men to marry during wartime and Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret weddings. for that Valentine was jailed and executed. when he was in Jail he fall in love and he wrote a note to the Jailor’s daughter signing it “from your Valentine”. Before he was put to death he sent the first ‘valentine’ to his love when he wrote her a letter and signed it ‘Your Valentine’. These words are still used on cards today.

Happy Valentines Day Facts –

  • About 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year. This makes it the second largest seasonal card sending time of the year
  • Based on retail statistics, about 3 per cent of pet owners will give gifts to their pets on this day.
  • In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.
  • On average, men spend double the amount of money on Valentine`s Day gifts than women spend. The average amount a man spends is $130.
  • There are enough candy hearts made each year to stretch from Valentine, Arizona to Rome, Italy, and back again. The number of these candy hearts produced is approximately 8 billion.
  • There are approximately 50 million roses given on Valentine`s Day around the world.
  • Women tend to buy approximately 85% of all the Valentine`s Day cards sold.
  • Valentine`s Day is the second most popular day of the year for sending cards, second only to Christmas.
  • There are approximately 1 billion Valentine`s Day cards exchanged every year in the U.S. alone.
  • Approximately 27 percent of those who buy flowers on Valentine`s Day are women. The other 73% are men.
  • The phrase to wear your heart on your sleeve has historical meaning. In the middle ages young people would draw the name of their valentine from a bowl. They had to wear the name on their sleeve for one week.
  • Men spend almost twice as much on Valentine’s Day as women do. This year, the average man will spend $156, while the average woman will only spend $85.
  • More than one-third of men would prefer not receiving a gift. Less than 20% of women feel the same way.
  • Around this season, a dozen long-stemmed roses can cost an average of $75, or about 30% more than the normal price of $58.
  • More than nine million pet owners are expected to buy gifts for their pets this Valentine’s Day.
  • 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  • Teachers receive the most valentines, followed by kids, mothers, wives and sweethearts.
  • Over 50% of all Valentine’s Day cards are purchased in the six days prior to the holiday.
  • The oldest surviving valentine dates from 1415. It is a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife. At the time, the duke was being held in the Tower of London following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt.
  • One billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making it the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas. Women purchase approximately 85% of all valentines.
  • In a classic Simpsons episode, Lisa gives Ralph a valentine with a picture of a locomotive saying “I Choo Choo Choose You.” According to BoingBoing, a fan has lovingly recreated that card which you can download here.
  • The roots of St. Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia. On Lupercalia, a young man would draw the name of a young woman in a lottery and would then keep the woman as a sexual companion for the year.
  • In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. Today, to wear your heart on your sleeve means being transparent with your affections. (I’m having a tough time verifying this one, so please file this under “legends” instead of “history” for now.)
  • Three different Saint Valentines have been mentioned by the martyrologies of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • How do Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day? U.S. Census Bureau has the answer:
    Greeting Cards 65% Plush 21%
    Date Night 44% Other Gifts 17%
    Candy 38% Perfume/Cologne 12%
    Flowers 32% Jewelry 11%
    Gift Cards 29%
  • “I love you” in German is “Ich liebe dich.”
  • In Japan, women are expected to give chocolate and other gifts to men on Valentine’s Day. This tradition was started as a marketing campaign by Japanese chocolate companies. Men are not off the hook, unfortunately. They are expected to return the favor on March 14th, commonly known as White Day.
  • BBC reports that Shiv Sena, a nationalist political party in India, has spoken out against Valentine’s day, calling it “Nothing but a Western onslaught on India’s culture to attract youth for commercial purposes.”
  • The Ivory Coast is the world’s largest producer of cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate. In 2001, the U.S. State Department reported child slavery on many cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast. A 2002 report from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture estimated there were 284,000 children working on cocoa farms in hazardous conditions.
  • Three different Saint Valentines have been mentioned by the martyrologies of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The Catholic Church struck St. Valentine’s Day from its official calendar in 1969.
  • The phrase “Sweets for the sweet” is a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1.
  • Famous Valentine’s Day weddings: The Captain and Tennille, Elton John and Renate Blauel, Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, Jerry Garcia and Deborah Koons, and Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.
  • Famous Valentine’s Day birthdays: Thomas Malthus (1766), Frederick Douglass (1817), Jack Benny (1894), Jimmy Hoffa (1913), Hugh Downs (1921), Florence Henderson (1943), Carl Bernstein (1944), Tim Buckley (1946), Gregory Hines (1946), Jules Asner (1968), Rob Thomas (1972), Steve McNair (1973).
  • Don’t want to send mixed signals with your bouquet? Make sure you check out the secret color code of roses:

Valentines Day 2018 Dress Code :

Red Yellow* Pink White* Lavender
True Love
I Love You
Job Well Done
I Care
Welcome Back
Remember Me
Please Believe Me
I Am Wothy Of You
Keep a Secret
Light Pink Dark Pink Peach -Pink Peach Orange
Thankfulness Gratitude
Lets Get Together
Coral Red & White Black Deep Burgundy Red & Yellow Blend
Desire Unity Farewell
Unconscious Beauty Jovial and happy feelings

Note: In some cultures white and yellow flowers are used for funerals and considered bad luck.

Valentines Day 2018 Week List-

valentines day 2018 week List

1st Day Valentine Rose Day Wednesday 7th February 2018
2nd Day of Valentine Propose Day Thursday 8th February 2018
3rd Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Friday 9th February 2018
4th Day of Valentine Teddy Day Saturday 10th February 2018
5th Day of Valentine Promise Day Sunday 11th February 2018
6th Day of Valentine Hug Day Monday 12th February 2018
7th Day of Valentine Kiss Day Tuesday 13th February 2018
Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Wednesday 14th February 2018
9th Day of Valentine Slap Day Thursday 15th February 2018
10th Day of Valentine Kick Day Friday 16th February 2018
11th Day of Valentine Perfume Day Saturday 17th February 2018
12th Day of Valentine Flirting Day Sunday 18th February 2018
13th Day of Valentine Confession Day Monday 19th February 2018
14th Day of Valentine Missing Day Tuesday 20th February 2018
15th Day of Valentine Break Up Day Wednesday 21th February 2018

Valentines Day 2018 Schedule & Time Table-

Every Year Valentines day Week Start from 7th February to 14th February. here you can find Valentine Day 2018 Week List, Complete Schedule & Information:

Rose Day: Happy Rose Day 2018-


Happy Rose day 2018 Images

Valentine’s week starts with the Rose Day. Every year Rose Day is celebrated on 7th of February. Everyone know the fact that flowers are the most beloved & Loving things and among them roses are the favorite of every individual. So Rose Day is celebrated all around the world with full zeal and passion. Lovers gift each other roses on “Rose Day” and express their Love with each other.

Propose Day: Happy Propose Day 2018-

Happy Propose Day Images 2018

Rose Day is followed by Propose Day and it is the second day of the Valentines week, celebrated on 8th of February every year. On this day, people directly approach their love and express their feelings for him/ her. This is the best day to shower your compassion towards your crush/lover.

Chocolate Day: Happy Chocolate Day 2018-

Happy Chocolate Day 2018 Images

Chocolates enhance the mood of the person and also strengthen relationships. So the Another Day comes Happy Chocolates day, celebrated on 9th of February. Chocolate Day is the third day of Valentines Week. On this day individuals share & spread happiness by presenting a favorite chocolate to your love/life partner. Girls love chocolates and they love it more when their crush or a guy gives them chocolates.

Teddy Day: Happy Teddy Day 2018-

happy teddy day 2018 images

Teddy Day is celebrate on February 10th which is the fourth day of valentines day week list and on this day lovers across the world gift their partner with cute and adorable teddies. We all know that girls are very much fond of teddy bears and teddies are one of the cutest gifts.

Promise Day: Happy Promise Day 2018-

happy promise day 2018 Images

Promise Day falls on the 11th of February every year. Happy Promise day is the Fifth day of the Valentines day Week List. Promises play a vital role in a relationship and these promises are meant to be kept throughout the lives. Love keeps you together and promises keep the relationship healthy until and unless they are not broken. Promise your partner something that he/she has always wanted to listen from you. Love comes in with a long list of responsibilities, promises, commitments and lot more to add on. Making big promises does not specify your relationship but fulfilling them with utmost dedication and keeping the trust factor alive is really important. So don’t think much and go ahead and make promise to your love that, you will show loyalty and keep them happy throughout their life.

Hug Day: Happy Hug Day 2018-

Happy Hug Day 2018 Images

Hug day comes after Promise Day on 12th February. This day grants one and all a precious chance to express a never ending love towards their love with a warm and tight hug. This day is very famous among the youth across the world.

Kiss Day: Happy Kiss Day 2018-

Happy Kiss Day 2018 Images

Kiss Day is just one day before the Valentine’s Day, every year observed on 13th February. This is one of the most beautiful days of the Valentines week. On this day, couples kiss each other passionately. Especially Kiss on forehead is a sign of caring and being responsible.

Valentine’s Day: Happy Valentine’s Day 2018-

Happy Valentines day 2018 Images

And a day of love, truth, honesty, beliefs and expression of your love is Valentine’s day, a day of which one says frankly that how much he/she loves. I told my life partner in a different way by giving him a surprise with candle light dinner and music of love and lot many other things. So I will not mind if you use my idea for your life partner. So just celebrate the day of love, and only love. Last but not least Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. This is one of the most special day for all the individuals across the world,  people of all age groups celebrate this beautiful day called as Valentines day. On that day Mostly Peoples Likes to share Valentines Day 2018 Pictures, Images with lover/life partner just to express their feelings & share their Love. On this day couples show love towards their partner and give gifts to them.

So In this section of Article you have got some fact, ideas & History of Valentines Day, when is Valentines day? and Complete Valentines Day Week List, Time Table & Schedule. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this page. feel free to share this page on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Lime, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit & More with your Friends, relatives and other beloved ones.

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